Update history and future plans

Implemented so far

  1. login
  2. character list
  3. reading image maps to get resources and terrain types
  4. global moving
  5. spending AP, logging flexitime - flexitime has since become obsolete
  6. local map and local moving
  7. resting
  8. adding tools and machines into presets and assigning attributes such as weight
  9. objects list (includes inventory at the top of the page)
  10. drop, pick up
  11. assigning which resources are edible
  12. stomach system/eating mechanic
  13. seeing things inside containers
  14. go-to function that allows approaching items even in unexplored locations
  15. storing things in containers
  16. taking things out of containers
  17. dynamic naming of people; changing your own name
  18. showing age and sex
  19. people list
  20. defining a person's location on the timeline
  21. give
  22. change charloctime to bunch up actions that have the same type and AP cost, such as multitraveling
  23. manufacturing system/entering items into the database - a lot of this was later rewritten
  24. mechanic to turn resources into other resources by investing AP
  25. fire projects
  26. character creation (assumes NPC parents)
  27. defining which animals can appear on which region
  28. tool pools (new idea)
  29. (at this stage, first testers were accepted)
  30. ability to cut down trees
  31. ability to make planks
  32. animal stats (test island)
  33. preventing you from getting more than a month ahead of other players - later obsolete
  34. manually switching to a new month when most testers have reached the end of the previous month - later obsolete
  35. hunting system (tracking animals, combat with animals)
  36. extracting resources from kills
  37. change projects, requiring fire in order to transmutate objects (takes time and no AP)
  38. rewriting the resources system to use tags
  39. most items made of one resource show their material, while some with two or more show the material in slot 1
  40. using fire for projects that are not automatic
  41. disallowing multiple trees per square on savannas and deserts / adjusting the way trees are generated
  42. redesign of minimap graphics
  43. timezones, expression of morning/day/night
  44. seasons
  45. weather system part 1: temperature
  46. hiding projects that still use the old resource system instead of tags
  47. weather system part 2: rain - changes on the hour and is the same for everybody at the same time in the same location
  48. ability to process skins into rawhide
  49. converting from individual timelines to time being the same for everybody
  50. bug fix to how fire powered change projects work. Currently this only affects roasting cocoa pods
  51. a delay mechanic for projects, keeping them from being finished immediately. Currently it's only used for drying clay, but be prepared for more
  52. a bit that swaps out the css style sheet if it's night
  53. now using sessions instead of cookies
  54. added a guide for testers
  55. some pretty major changes to how local maps are generated. Now water attracts water and plants are clustered more.
  56. A change how soil type is calculated. Players can't yet view it but it required resetting explored locations, so everything needs to be unlocked from scratch.
  57. farming system (at least in rudimentary form)
  58. recording when people log in
  59. groups system: basic mechanic for gaining respect
  60. groups system: donate items to group in order to gain respect
  61. groups system: claim items from group stock with the expense of respect
  62. a change that connects resources of the same origin
  63. several background changes to how local maps are displayed. The threshold for showing rocks has been lowered, so be prepared to see more rocks.
  64. gathering system update
  65. yet another change to how local maps are generated. Now rocks are more likely even in areas where they are very rare
  66. travel log that shows the vegetation, rock and water levels of the places you passed through, even if you just went through it without stopping
  67. added the possibility to record a memo for each character
  68. travel groups: creation, edit rules, invite, join, exit
  69. travel groups: referencing coordinates of the group instead of the character inside. This took almost three hours and involved updating 37 files.
  70. travel groups: actual travel + what to do with unrelated actions
  71. travel groups: view members
  72. travel groups: kick group member
  73. fix to adding resources to projects with multiple possibilities, also fixed the display bug that made an added resource show up for all resource strings
  74. made certain resource subtypes depend on seasons. If the values are found too restrictive, resources will be made available more widely. Flowers and sap are only found during spring, plural things (generally vegetables) are available through the summer, seeds, nuts, fruit and berries are there during the fall, and leaves are available outside of winter
  75. got rid of countable resources because the system was clumsy and not even used everywhere. Later removed all mention of resource pieces in projects
  76. minor css changes
  77. ability to request companions and fill requests
  78. background changes to fix elements that weren't properly object oriented
  79. background changes: combined ten almost identical functions into one
  80. first functional cronjob (automatic resting)
  81. manual resting disabled
  82. event log: background functionality, travel logging
  83. fixed bug that prevented animals from attacking back
  84. register new account
  85. End of stage 1: ready to accept more testers

  86. ability to reset password (requires a functional email address on file)
  87. ability to change email address associated with your account (requires knowing the password)
  88. drop multiple
  89. aging system (switching body preset and increasing weight/blood when certain thresholds are passed)
  90. natural healing (requires cron)
  91. The old fire system has been deimplemented. As a result, there is currently no way to start a fire. Hopefully I can come up with a new solution soon.
  92. The new way to start fires was implemented. The thing is currently you have to ignite your tinder or kindling in your hand, then put it in the fire pit or whatever before the temperature cron script is run the next time, or things in your inventory will start igniting. This is actually pretty hilarious, so I think I'm going to keep this.
  93. Switching to bootstrap for front end.
  94. Ability to affect NPC group moral compass through holding a speech.
  95. You can now use a RTF editor when entering comments, so you don't have to enter html for line breaks or other stuff like that.
  96. Fixed bug that was failing to save password has when activating new accounts.
  97. It's now possible to add, view and edit pending cultures. The ability to add pending characters is not yet implemented.

Things I'm currently working on:

Things collaborators are working on:

Things that are on hold:

Things that need to be worked on in the future approximately in this order:

  1. groups system: foraging into group stock
  2. making planted seeds grow into plants (requires cron) (requires growth rates and temperature preferences)
  3. limiting how much AP can be spent in an hour / character tiredness
  4. the ability to ford rivers
  5. crossbreeding system (to create new crops)
  6. using tools to speed up resource collection
  7. routines to automate repeated tasks
  8. expiry of perishable objects/resources
  9. genetics for passing hair, skin and eye color to your offspring
  10. mating and pregnancy, possibility of taking over child characters
  11. foods/cooking/nutritional values
  12. hunger and digestion (digestion and daily cooking should be automatic)
  13. more complex cooking system
  14. buildings
  15. locks and lockpicking
  16. PvP combat system
  17. surrender mechanic, movement restrictions for prisoners of war
  18. sailing system (initially with one ship type)
  19. End of stage 2: the game will now accept all testers

  20. preventing people from leaving their comfort zones to create safe spaces for people who want to avoid newbies
  21. animal stats (tropical and temperate regions)
  22. clothing
  23. armor
  24. making certain objects increase AP gains through resting
  25. following/tracking system (can this be done anymore?)
  26. the ability to assign activities to other people or cooperate on foraging/farming/hunting
  27. burden slows down traveling speed, individual capacity is bound to strength
  28. ability to share the load with someone else by using stretchers etc.
  29. animal domestication
  30. possibility to cut stone blocks of a selected size
  31. means to transport heavy things (such as using rollers)
  32. animal attacks
  33. End of stage 3: Cold region will be unlocked

  34. animal stats (cold region)
  35. skills affecting what you can manufacture and its quality
  36. riding and carts
  37. using NPCs in combat
  38. introducing local OOC codes of conduct
  39. signal fires/ability to see smoke from a distance
  40. ability to assign other characters as watchers and kick current watchers
  41. make it possible to view a log of how you've spent your AP
  42. adding more ship types
  43. vegetable tanning
  44. End of stage 4: Deserts will become harder to survive on

  45. thirst mechanic (only used on deserts)
  46. poisons and toxins
  47. more flexible rivers system, allowing people to dig channels to redirect water
  48. release of a new world map with more logical placement of resources based on feedback from testers

Things that aren't strictly necessary but would be nice:

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